Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bakers Block

I have to confess, I do a lot of baking and cooking, not just with chocolate. If this was a regular food blog I could write about almost anything I make for dinner and share my most cherished bread recipes. I could write about whipping up a fresh batch of lavender scones when my best-friends stayed over last week, and how she almost missed her flight because she had to go by Selfridges and buy macaroons for the little ones. 

I could tell you about my love for vegetables, ripe cherries ( I can tie a knot with the stem, not using my hands) chilled mango lassi and how I will jump with joy (and maybe pour myself a drink) when the quiche crust doesn't melt down the side of the pan and cause the egg-filling to spill over. Can you think of  anything better than perfectly cooked asparagus sprinkled with fresh parmesan shavings? Or a tall glass of Eton Mess on Primrose Hill? I actually find myself craving fresh spinach with feta cheese and a generous amount of balsamic vinegar. In the meantime my chocolate recipes, my beloved chocolate recipes, are just sitting there, unused. It must be spring. 

Who can resist the endless sight of sun-riped tomatoes and bunches of fresh herbs? The little store by my bus stop sells the best mint and coriander in all of London. The mint is mixed with water and a few slices of lime, it's mouthwatering refreshing. The coriander is joyfully sprinkled over almost everything I make. The most plain dishes come to life thanks to those beautiful green leaves and a pinch of sea-salt. 

I'm getting carried away. I was supposed to make a 9 layer chocolate torte, or marzipan dipped in chocolate. I have yet to publish a chapter on the best chocolate chip cookies every, and what about the mini sandcakes filled with Bavarian chocolate cream? Why on earth am I sitting here nibbling on a carrot for? It's such a good carrot though. Organic and full of flavour. I have a big bag of them in the fridge.

So what am I baking for the blog this week? I have no idea. The trick is to have cream, butter, egg, chocolate, sugar and flour in the house, then you will be prepared for most recipes. But I don't want chocolate today. I want fresh rasberries with home-made vanilla cream. I want a big bowl of fresh penne adorned with crispy, buttery French garlic. I would like a serving of brie and grapes please, and maybe some oat crackers. Or how about a pot of jasmine green tea with honey and lemon? I really can't decide. I am no cook, and I have a lot to learn about baking, but I do know one thing. Never bake when you are uninspired. Personally I make a lot more mistakes when I'm fretting and indecisive. 

That being the case, I'll leave my recipes alone for now and reach for another carrot instead.

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